You are worth it!

Hey fellow step-mama, you ARE worth it!

Any step-mother will tell you that she puts her blended family’s needs first. Most will also tell you that they do this above and beyond “normal” sacrifices because there’s a stigma to overcome and a blended family just simply has demands not really present in other families. There are so many factors of blended family life outside of our control that still impact us significantly.  From ex-spouses and custody/visitation orders, to multiple sets of in-laws, to the children themselves (biological or steps) … much of what influences our day-to-day is simply just not in our control; not even in the slightest!

Few step-moms will admit the toll blended family life can take on them (and oh how quickly!!!) and they will instead forego self-care or even putting their own basic health anywhere on their “to-do” list …. this, in spite of feeling exhausted, having poor mental stamina, emotional ups and downs and ineffective time management wrecking havoc on their life … most step-moms throw everything they have into their marriage and new family structure terrified that if they don’t, they will be just like every other evil step-mother out there with a second divorce on the horizon. 

I’ve seen this happening in my support system over and over the past couple of years and when I started falling victim to it myself this past winter and spring (visualize: messy bun, sweats, popcorn drenched in butter, ass firmly planted on couch and almost every night) … slowly but surely I just knew I had to do something to break free. I loved my husband and our blended family, yes, I did. But as each week passed and we approached warmer weather I just kept looking down at myself in disgust wondering when I would “find time” for me again.

The morning of our blender baby’s first birthday party I woke up late, wearing my full-panel maternity yoga pants, and as I was running around like mad trying to get my day started I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and something just clicked. I felt like I was dragging ass and hey, guess what!?! I was! I decided right then and there that morning that my baby was one year old, I could no longer blame him for not taking care of myself … but  I then still made up different and new excuses for another couple of months not really doing anything and still running myself ragged taking care of everyone else in my life except myself.

In May I learned about the wonder of Shakeology from a friend and the Beachbody coaching opportunity from my sister who invited me to a webinar. Before the presentation was even over I decided that I was WORTH investing in and I signed up with Slim in 6 and Shakeology on auto-ship. I decided that I would NOT fall into the trap of believing that my needs should be ignored for the sake of everyone around me.

These past 3 months, thanks to my amazing teams with Beachbody, I have learned to truly commit to reaching my goals every single day and that I have to make the time for me or I will never be truly happy. I am worth 30 minutes a day. I am worth a healthy diet. I am worth ensuring I start my day off every morning with 70+ superfoods in a delicious chocolate shakeology. I am worth it!!

It really isn’t all that profound what has happened in my life lately … I’m not evil and never will be. I’m a better mom, step-mom, wife and ex-wife because I can GIVE a more quality version of ME to the people that I love. I have more energy. I am more focused. I am HAPPIER yet nothing else in life has really changed other than me taking care of me and needing pants 2 sizes smaller from shedding 23 lbs of flab off my body. Not profound, but truly AMAZING that I have remained consistent despite the demands placed on our day to day.

So, that’s how I got here … here I am sharing my story. I feel so empowered from loving myself and practicing self-care like it is my JOB that I am making better decisions each and every day to not only better my life and my family’s … but to do whatever I can to inspire others out there who deserve the same. YOU are WORTH INVESTING IN!  

Inspired Empowerment. 

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