Healthy Eating

Three Healthy Snacks My Kids Will Actually Eat

Since it is back-to-school time, here are three snack ideas that are truly healthy without compromising kid-friendly appeal or taste. Blended Avidity tested, they are super easy and convenient for that afternoon treat for the kids or even a post-workout snack for yourself.

Strawberry Grahams



Strawberry Grahams 
Spread part-skim, low-fat ricotta cheese on a graham cracker (our children prefer the low-fat cinnamon grahams) and top with thinly sliced strawberries.






Chunky Monkey Boats

Spread peanut butter on banana halves and speckle with dark chocolate chips




Carrot Sticks with Hummus

Fresh carrot sticks cut thin and served with a dollop of hummus (it doesn’t get any easier than this one, Moms and Step-Moms!)


What about you, what snacks work for after-school with your own children? Is there a post-workout snack that you enjoy with your children?

Of our four children, the two oldest (my step-children) are only with us about a third of the time. I’m happy to report that a frequent complaint they take home to their mother’s house is that I don’t serve cheese balls for snack and, in general, enforce healthy eating habits that are difficult for them to avoid. I have to maintain my “evil step-mother” gig somehow, so serving green vegetables is an easy place to start, right?

“What is this?” exclamations, followed by an asparagus spear being picked up and displayed in the air between thumb and forefinger high over the table, as if it equated to me serving a fresh turd instead of actual food, is somewhat of a common occurrence at our dinner table every other weekend.

It honestly drives me bonkers.

What on earth are they eating the other two thirds of their lives that makes them not know what fresh peaches look like?

I digress … I’ve tried my damnedest to find healthy yet kid-friendly recipes that are appetizing enough for all of us, kids and adults. We are not short-order chefs and we are not cooking two different menus for each meal just to appease picky kids. I’ve found a few things that we can all agree on over the last couple of years, but it’s still an on-going struggle.

Do you know how many times I’ve prepared something I’ve found that’s seemingly healthy and advertised as being “kid friendly” only to have dinner turn out as enjoyable as a dental cleaning? Do you know how many times I’ve scoured the internet for hours trying to find fun snacks for our brood, only to have them turn their nose up at me and my “awesome apricot muffins”, opting for a yogurt instead?

We only have a third of the time with all four of our children together so the time we do have, we cherish.  Having meals or snacks be a battle thus sincerely sucks more than my apricot muffins did (they were, honestly, not very tasty at all I have to admit), but I refuse to compromise my values and goals for our family. Instead, I’m on a mission to avidly seek out and find what works for us and blog the best ideas, recipes and meals for you to torment your own children with trying!

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