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Write It Down Wednesday

In order to achieve success, whatever “it” is that we are striving for has to become BIGGER than any of our excuses.  One of the best ways to do that is to write our dreams down because then that “it” that we dream of truly becomes a goal that we are working towards.

Write It Down 9.15 collage

In my challenge group today, I’ve asked my challengers to take writing their goals out a step even further by finding a way to visualize them more than once a day either at their jobs or within their homes.  Visualization is one of the most powerful motivations around so I made today “Write It Down Wednesday” … and I have to say, I am blown away by the responses I got from them!

They have inspired ME to make this a habit for myself on a regular basis. Every day when I brush my teeth I will have a note staring back at me with what it is that I am working on so I can’t miss it!

What about you? Would quotes about weight loss, working out, or healthy eating posted on your mirror or scale help you stick with weight-loss goals? Could you translate this visualization technique to another goal like, “thank my spouse 3 times today”?

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