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Why I’m half naked online

I think some elder relatives of mine may have been appalled with me this week when I posted the following on my Facebook page:


I can’t say I blame them, really. Every time I open my page I shock even myself a little. Then, I see the overwhelming amount of support and feedback and I find myself overwhelmed with an incredible desire to just keep going … which is exactly WHY I posted myself in my underwear all over social media.

I don’t own a bikini because I used to think I was too fat to wear one.

I needed to put myself out there this week. I needed to announce to the world, “This is me working my ass off” … so that this weak voice in my head pleading of “Please, don’t let me quit dear friends” would be heard over that other evil voice screaming “EAT ALL THE COOKIES!”

100+ “Likes” and TONS of positive and motivating comments later, I can’t just quit. I won’t. I’m fired up again and I can’t hear that person inside of me begging for her stress to be squelched with crap food that is really not needed. I’ve got too many people who have my back, right?

For the past month, my scale has been stuck at 150.2 pounds. I was starting to think that one of our kids did something to the display with glue and neon markers … apparently I’m just gaining muscle all over faster than I’m burning fat, so that’s why the numbers aren’t moving. Seeing IS believing. Look at my stomach! I’ve had two BIG babies, and my youngest is only 18 months …

… I’m in my underwear now, but I will be in a bikini soon. {Mental Note: figure out where to order one online 3 seasons out.}

I coach for freeFor every  “like”, kind word I’ve ever gotten on any of my social media platforms, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for motivating me and holding me accountable by just being kind. If you ever find yourself needing the same type of support in your own life, contact me.

Let’s chat.

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