Do NOT “Just Push Play”


blue eyed selfie

As a Beachbody coach, “just push play” is supposed to be my mantra for encouraging others to remain consistent on their health and fitness journeys despite their motivation waxing and waning for whatever reason or excuse. I’ve only been a coach for a little over 5 months, yet I’m finding that I’m already — almost robotically — dishing out this spoonful of mediocrity even when I really should be pushing MYSELF to come up with something a lot more encouraging and inspiring to say because that person on the receiving end really needs (and deserves!) much, much more than that.

Aren’t we, as coaches, doing our clients an enormous disservice trying to sell this theory of, “Well, … if you just push play, follow along and go through the motions you’re going to get there, my friend! I can see you turning heads in that bikini right now!”. Ummm, yeah, that Mom of four you’re working with might drop those 30 lbs of baby weight hanging around their midsection … eventually. But more than likely, “just pushing play” will only work at first before the first plateau occurs and then that Mom of four will find herself not only discouraged, but also distrusting of you as her coach because your mediocre advice got her … well, mediocre “results”.

Just push play is crap. 

From now on, I’m telling my coaches, clients and challenge groups participants to instead push THEMSELVES. Every.Single.Day. Too tired? Do it anyway and do it with INTENSITY. Push yourself to push back against every aspect of life bearing down and getting you to doubt your abilities in reaching your goals. Push yourself to bring it and more every single day! Put that Beachbody workout DVD in, push play and then push yourself to not only follow along, but to work hard while you perfect your form and push yourself to sweat harder and to breathe harder than the day before.

If you want intense and amazing results you have to push yourself to be intense and amazing. You can do it! Anyone can, really … and I know this down to my toes because I am busy pushing myself too! Is it easy? Not at all. But is it worth it? Absolutely!

When life pushes you, intensely push back and you will be amazing!


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