Free Fitness at Your Fingertips!

Alright, so I have to, have to — HAVE TO — share with you THE most amazing offer since I became a Team Beachbody Coach 10 months ago. I think that it is fate that today just so happens to be my birthday and this offer launched within the last 24 hours for my friends, fans and followers. How fitting too that I’m also reading “The Go Giver” by John David Mann this week? #veryfitting

The Team Beachbody Club membership now comes with a 30-day FREE trial. Yes, you read that correctly. Free access to instantly stream up to 11 of Beachboy’s most amazing fitness programs. Insanity, the entire p90x three-part library, TurboFire … those are just a few of the titles that you can try FOR FREE and right now!

Everyone who signs up with me will have 30 days to try out all of the benefits of the Club, most importantly Beachbody On Demand, before their first quarterly billing. This is a fantastic way for you to try out Beachbody On Demand and for me, as your Coach, to help you find a program that fits your personality, schedule and budget completely hassle and pressure free!

You pay nothing today. Your initial payment of $38.87 occurs in 30 days and continues every 90-days, as long as you continue your Premium Club Membership.

Want more information? Simple click the graphic above, or CLICK HERE and I’ll send you an e-mail with the details!

Benefits include:

* Workout anywhere you have an internet connection, at anytime.

* Switch up your workouts, without having to take DVD’s with you

* Thousands of dollars of fitness, free for 30 days and then only $2.99/week!

* Take programs like p90x with you to the gym and fire your personal trainer!

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