4 Steps to Stick With It

It’s that time of year … we find ourselves lazily lounging on the couch in our (in)activewear that we had purchased 3 months ago when we so bravely declared that THIS year would be THE year that we would take our health seriously, resolutions long forgotten or abandoned by now. Maybe it’s the record-breaking snowfall that derailed you, or your husband’s ex-wife invading on your family. Maybe it’s too many deadlines at work, too many spring cleaning projects or it’s just the pesky kids … or … or maybe …

… maybe it is just that bad habits are hard to break.

When something becomes a habit, all that means is that we are more likely to do whatever “it” is, automatically and without much thinking or effort. It’s easier to repeat something that is not good for us when it has become a habit. It takes consistent effort over time in order to break bad habits and to form good ones that actually last.


Step One: 

Acknowledge that you are up against a powerful opponent. Yourself. Your old bad or unhealthy habits will persist if you don’t persist in your efforts to overcome!

Step Two:

Protect your willpower by avoiding situations where you must use willpower to resist temptation. Don’t accept an invitation out for drinks knowing that you have an early meeting the next day. Don’t buy ice cream and lie to yourself that you’ll just have one bowl. Don’t make the process harder on yourself!

Step Three: 

Get plenty of rest and stay away from stressful situations. Sleep deprivation and stress are the slayers of willpower.

Step Four: 

Schedule your exercise for the week every Sunday afternoon or evening. Put it on your calendar and make the time for it. Don’t find the time, make the time. Exercise improves our executive brain function, which is our brain’s ability to plan, decide and troubleshoot … in fact, the more you exercise regularly, the more likely you’ll have the brainpower to execute willpower in the face of temptation.


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